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Zero CapEx. Pay-as-you-grow

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Launch fully featured OTT Video on Demand (VOD) Platform instantly, at Zero investment!
Muvi Studio takes care of everything including hosting, templates, player, DRM, payment gateway and maintenance. Take a look at our features below.

Zero CapEX

No capital expenditure required to purchase expensive hardware for hosting or bandwidth to support video streaming. Muvi takes care of all this. Get your website and mobile app up and running with investing $0, really!


Quick to Launch

Get the website up and running within a few hours.
Save millions of dollars by reducing time to market.

Infinite Scalability

Muvi Studio leverages world’s leading cloud infrastructure and content delivery network (CDN), Amazon Web Services, to deliver unlimited storage and infinite scalability. Support millions of traffic and views with no worries about bandwidth and maintenance.


DRM Across All Devices

Muvi offers multiscreen content security and encryption across different platforms. It ensures the consistency of your business model across different devices and applications.

Customize Look and Feel

Customize the entire video streaming website and mobile app to match the look and feel of your brand. It’s much more than just changing your logo or color scheme, and much more!


Revenue Models

Content management system (CMS) allows complete control on price and geographical distribution. Supports different revenue models like AVoD, TVoD (Pay-Per-View), SVoD and hybrids. Advertising platform allows you to integrate different types of ads in your content.

TV Everywhere

Create brand presence across all platforms - web, mobile, TV, media boxes (Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire etc.) and gaming consoles (Playstation, XBOX etc.). Muvi Studio powers your streaming website, mobile app (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone) and smart TV app.


Built-in Marketing Tools

Muvi Studio offers several built-in marketing tools such as SEO-optimized website, user database for email marketing and social media integration. Custom viral apps are also available to promote your site and content.

Audience Relationship Management

Own your audience not just for one movie, but for a lifetime (and more if you believe in second life :)). Filter using several criteria including city/country, age group and taste. Send customized emails, sell additional pay-per-view content.

Audiance Relationship

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