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Muvi Studio

Enables content owners maximize revenue from their content by offering several tools
that help find the right audience and increase the reach of their content.

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Streaming Website/App

Muvi SDK offers a streaming website and mobile app on your name ( Get it up and running in minutes, at ZERO cost. Muvi takes care of everything including hosting, streaming, DRM, payment gateway and maintenance.

Digital Asset Management

Store all your digital assets in the cloud. Muvi DAM (Digital Asset Management) provides content creators and aggregates a secure, cost-effective cloud-based solution for storage, conversion and distribution of their media content.

Monetize your Content is a social content discovery platform for movies and TV shows. Content owners upload their content to directly sell to the audience who pays to watch it. Unlike YouTube and other streaming platforms, helps you find the exact audience whose taste matches with your content.

Affiliate Program is a growing marketplace for streaming companies. Muvi Affiliate helps you setup your presence in this marketplace which in turns allows you acquire new subscribers. Imagine opening a storefront in “eBay for media content”.

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