You own your content

Unlike YouTube, Netflix and other popular
streaming websites, Muvi studio offers you
your own cloud server.

You own all rights and have complete control on your content, who to stream to,
when (timing) and how much to charge.

leverage engaged audience

Leverage Hyper-Engaged audience on Muvi who
want to pay for your content.

Just publish your content and start
making money from day 1!

Viral promotion of your content

Social features on Muvi virally promote your content,
without you doing a single click.

Plus, it attracts new viewers from Facebook, Twitter,
and other leading social network.

Reach a global audience

Muvi Users are from the
across 40 countries over the world.
Reach brand new markets that exponentialy grow
Your audience base.

Embed anywhere

Embed your content on any webpage or blog.
Your movie comes with a built in preview.

Audience relationship managment (ARM)

Own your audience not just for one movie, but for a lifetime
(more if you belive in second life). Know exactly what they like and promote
additional content to them.